How long will the inspection last?

The typical single family home inspection lasts between 2-3 hours.

Do I need to be present at my inspection?

We recommend attending the inspection, but realize it’s not always possible. If you can not attend we are more than happy to follow up with a phone call.

What do you inspect?

When will I receive my report?

All reports are completed the same day as your inspection.

Are there photos included in the report?

Yes, the report has many photos and since our reporting software is web-based, we can include videos as well.

What about added services?

We offer Radon Testing, Water Quality Testing, Wood Destroying Insect inspections, and Repair Pricer Reports. When booked in conjunction with a home inspection, we discount added services. Although these services increase the cost of the inspection, recommend doing any add-ons at the time of the inspection so you have the opportunity to negotiate items with the seller before closing.

See our Services & Pricing page for more information.

What is Radon?

Radon Testing is the most common add-on to a home inspection. Radon is a radio active gas caused by decaying uranium in soil. Any home can have high radon- new homes, old home and homes without basements. The effects of living with high radon are compared to that of breathing in second-hand smoke. Both testing and mitigation are easy and affective. We highly recommend testing for Radon.

Do you inspect pools?

Pools are not included in home inspections in the state of Massachusetts. If you want your pool inspected, we recommend reaching out to a local pool supply company.

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